Privacy Policy


The KVT R&D collects, maintains and uses information about users in its website. This Policy applies only to information collected by KVT R&D through online resources that show the link to this Policy and not to other sources. By using this website, the user agrees with the collection and use of information as explained in this privacy policy. The user is aware that the KVT R&D may, periodically, change, add, remove or update this privacy policy at its sole discretion, without notice. The KVT R&D will publish these changes in this page, so that the user can keep himself fully updated on the types of information that the company is collecting, besides that how the KVT R&D is using the information and what kind of circumstances the information may be disclosed. The privacy policy of the company can be easily found on the company's homepage and its link appears on all pages where the site requires personal data. In the data collection points, there can be further explanations, when necessary, about the purpose of use of the data. This policy, with the supplementary explanations, clarifies how the Improvelife treats data provided voluntarily by the user, according to the use of the group's websites.

1. Commitment to Privacy

The term "personal data" in this Policy refers to information such as name, date of birth, email address, postal address, IP address of the user, which can be used to identify him. In general, the KVT R&D doesn´t process the personal data without explicit consente. However, under exceptional circumstances, the company reserves the right to processing it, as far as the law allows or requires or as part of a judicial and criminal investigation. The following sections below explain how and when the Improvelife collects personal data of its users.

2. Intended Use of Personal Data

Most KVT R&D services doesn´t require any registration, allowing the user to visit the KVT R&D website without identification. Some services, however, require registration. When the user registers in the KVT R&D, the user may be asked to fill fields (mandatory and optional). In such cases, if the user doesn´t want to provide the requested personal data by website, he can contact KVT R&D by phone to provide the data requested for the purchase of products or services. The KVT R&D processes personal data for specific and limited purposes, which will be reported to the user according to the request of the KVT R&D. For example, the KVT R&D can request user data in order to provide products and services, sales of products and services requested by users, sale of products and services that may be interesting to visitors or to communicate the users for other purposes. The KVT R&D maintains the data collected in accordance with the legal and ethical determinations and in accordance with legal requirements for document retention.

3. Removal of Information

If the user has filled any form about his personal data, sent it by email or phone, and want it to remove from our database, please request removal by this email: comercial@kvtrd.com.br

4. No Disclosures of information

The KVT R&D doens´t disclose any personal data to third parties except as provided in this Privacy Policy. The KVT R&D may disclose individual information for a user to other affiliates of the group in the country, which, in turn, ensure the treatment of such information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. However, there can be, occasionally, data transferred to third parties, as long as it works with the group or on behalf as a result of the business KVT R&D, in order to further processing within the purpose that each data were originally collected, such as the provision of services, evaluation or technical support. These third parties have committed themselves with the KVT R&D to use the personal data only for the agreed purpose. Threfore, they are forbidden to sale any personal information for others, refraining from providing the information to others, except as required by law. In case of transfer of personal data of users to third parties, it shall take all necessary steps to ensure that data processing is done in accordance with the purposes and within the originally established limits at the beginning. There are two other situations in which personal data collected from users may be transferred to third parties The first situation would be if the business of this site and data of users that are part of it were sold, assigned or transferred, in which case, the KVT R&D would require the buyer or assignee treated the each personal data as provided in this Privacy Policy. The second situation that personal data may be disclosed to third parties is in case of obligation of the law, court order or governmental regulation, or if such disclosure is necessary in the context of a judicial or criminal investigation.

5. Accept the use

By accessing the KVT R&D site, the user is expressly agreeing with the terms set out on this page. If there is some non-compliance with terms provided, the KVT R&D, in its sole discretion, may suspend temporarily or permanently the access to the site, without prejudice to other applicable measures to determine the order of the malpractice and / or seek restitution of their consequences. Besides that, it´s important to temember that the dynamism on the Internet is immeasurable, therefore user accepts that this Privacy Policy may be modified by KVT R&D at any time, as well as the facilities regulated by it, regardless of prior notification to the user, and it is appropriate that the user checks periodically this Privace Policy, in order to keep himself updated on this subject.

6. Security

We currently use encryption techniques, firewalls and other technologies and procedures for safety in order to protect the consistency and security of your information and prevent unauthorized access or improper use. To maintain the integrity of your data, the KVT R&D meets strict safety standards and will use its best efforts to ensure the reliability, availability and quality of the information provided through the site in order to provide current and accuracy of such personal data. However, KVT R&D doesn´t have conditions to control in a previous character the absence of virus in its site content or the absence of other elements that may cause alterations in the user computer. Therefore, the KVT R&D disclaims any responsibility for damages of any nature arising from this fact.

7. Links to Other Sites

This Privacy Policy applies only to this website, excluding third party websites. The KVT R&D can display links to other websites that may be interesting to its visitors. The KVT R&D seeks to ensure that these websites are reliable. However, the nature of the Internet is extensive, therefore the KVT R&D can not guarantee the privacy standards of all sites that have the link KVT R&D, and this Privacy Policy does not applies to any site whose link is displayed at KVT R&D.